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I use it with my reissue Gordon Gow MC275. I already had the C22its the Frank McIntosh reissue from the mid 90s.

Vintage Macintosh Mac 4100 Stereo Receiver W Cabinet Receiver Stereo Vintage

Jeez My C22 just sold a couple of weeks ago for 195000 Guess I shoulda found a wood case for it and doubled the price.

Mcintosh c22 reissue for sale. McIntosh C22 For Sale Sign in to follow this. Vintage Original McIntosh C22 Reissue Manual. We are now paying top prices for all vintage and modern Mcintosh audio equipment modern vintage working and in need of repair.

We have 250 units in stock at this time. Gorm 211 Gorm 211 Forum Veteran. By John Darko August 6 2020 1550.

The products sit nicely with the latest kit weve seen from the company such as the C2500 amplifier and the MXA70 stereo system. Equipment orders built pre 1985 can have an 14 week backlog. Its pretty feature rich as most Mac pre-amps are but also all analog for those who dont want a DAC attached to their pres and its 1000 cheaper so if you can forgive the loudness feature and the L or R to both reverse stereo feature that snorker mentioned its a good deal IMO.

Offered in both solid state and vacuum tube designs all McIntosh preamplifiers are easy to operate flexible and offer the highest level of audio performance available. What condition if original. We have been buying selling and repairing Mcintosh audio equipment for over 25 years and this is our favorite brand to work on Mcintosh is one of the best.

McIntosh c22 Re-issue 3 tube Preamplifier up grade golden lion tubes and comes with McIntosh Factory tubes set Included. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. As of June 22 2021.

1267 Posted by Allan Songer on 2000-06-27 133539 21610345210 Which C22. Reply to this topic. McIntosh C-22 reissue pricing information.

Another new amplifier from McIntosh the C22 MK V is as its name would suggest the fifth revision of the companys all-tube C22 pre-amplifier and a more permanent replacement for the C70 introduced last year to mark the NY-state manufacturers 70th anniversary. Top Prices Paid Used Mcintosh Stereo Equipment working or not untested ok any condition OK. 31Used Mcintosh C22 Control amplifiers for sale on 400 second hand hifi sites shops.

On Audiogon the High-end Audio Community. The overall sonic characteristics of the two were fairly close but the C22 reissue was quieter and lower bass extension. McIntosh Macintosh C22 reissue owner manual Yahoo Auctions Auction bid 1980 May 28 2021 Yahoo Auctions prompt.

FOR SALE – Mcintosh c22 Re-issue preamp asking for 550000. By Gorm June 24 2015 in Garage Sale. FOR SALE – McIntosh C22 Preamplifier 60th anniversary reissue asking for 650000.

865 675-7246 10 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time Monday-Thursday. This newest version of our C22 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier the Mk V is the direct replacement to our highly regarded C70 Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Vacuum Tube Preamplifier which commemorated our 70th Anniversary that took place in 2019The new C22 Mk V is the latest McIntosh vacuum tube preamplifier to carry the cherished C22 model number. McIntosh preamplifiers connect all your home audio components together.

For anyone who is a fan of the classic tube sound of the 1950s and 60s then you must audition this pre-amp. Ive found that a up-to-spec original C22 can hold its own against most of todays mid-priced competition-and if youre into vinyl the C22 b. Posted June 24 2015 edited Price -.

Comes with 2 Remote the news 85 remote McIntosh And Original factory. Although I had no original C22 to compare to I had an original C11 pre-amp which had a similar circuit and features. McIntosh C22 C-22 Pre-amplifier OWNERS MANUAL and SERVICE MANUAL.

McIntosh C22 3 for sale. Found 162 records in Search of Tubes Asylum. For further information call Tom at.

6McIntosh announces C22 MK V pre-amplifier. 20First released in the 1960s theres a new version of the McIntosh C22 preamplifier while the MC75 vacuum tube power amplifer is an updated take on the original product from the 70s. Mac C22 not so great.

McIntosh C22 For Sale. I hooked up the C22 just to have a volume control when I tried the MC225. Agree if the C70 70th anniversary reissue and C22 MK IV had a love child it would be this.

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Mcintosh C22 2 Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Mk V

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