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With its tight cushion comb iridescent greens and purples in its black feathers luxuriant tail and totally black doll eyes in looks the Deathlayer can easily compete among the beautiful chickens on the planet. Fertility is checked often and is excellent.

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1 Pk Hatching Egg Spray.

Deathlayer hatching eggs for sale. 6 SILVER Spitzhauben Hatching eggs. Hatching eggs are less expensive but more of a risk. My chickens are all about cute and fancy.

GREENFIRE FARMS IMPORTED LINE. Hatching eggs will be available on a limited basis. WE verify fertility by hatching the same eggs we ship every week for our chick orders.

6 Fresh DeathLayer Hatching Eggs. Do you have birds to sell too. While there is some debate on how they got the coolest name in the chicken world the most common explanation seems to be based on their egg production.

Welcome To Country Haven Farm. 10 Isbar hatching eggs. Hatching egg sprayIncrease Hatch Rate.

We can not guarantee any sort of hatch rate as there are to many factors beyond our. All products are of the highest quality. Deathlayer chickshatching eggs NEW by.

We package our eggs securely to prevent breakage or scrambling. We usually have a wait list for both eggs and chicks. You do not select your ship date for eggs and we do NOT sell hatching eggs in advance.

And complete the form to submit your listing for review. This is why we never really see them being slaughtered for meat. We will begin shipping out hatching egg orders and filling local chick orders in March.

25hatching eggs are only sold on ebay now click here CALL FOR DETAILS 760-990-3862 text or leave voice message 208-628-2772 Shipping prices are a set fee and not included in the per egg. If their amazing egg producing capabilities arent appealing enough for you their irresistible good looks should certainly earn them a spot in your backyard chicken coop. I selected all my chickens for their individual unique qualities.

Whether it be a variety of rare colored egg layers or fluffy cute and extra friendly poultry I have them. This will be the Monday Tuesday or Wednesday that immediately follows the close of auction with cleared payment unless less eggs were laid than predicted. Hatching eggs will be available on a limited basis.

The Westfalische Totleger better known as the Deathlayer is an very old and very rare German breed. The Deathlayer hen will lay an egg that will weigh 17 23 oz 50 60 g. Shipping for hatching eggs is a flat 20 for up to 2 dozen eggs shipped via USPS Priority 1-3 daysWe ship hatching eggs most days of the week as we want our eggs to leave as soon as possible to get to you fresh.

The coolest breed name in all of poultrydom spectacular good looks and a history in its native Germany that goes back more than 400 years. It will be safe for us to ship out Deathlayer chicks in May weather permitting. Shipping Information Hatching Eggs.

Anonymous Do you still breed deathlayer chickens and sell chicks andor hatching eggs. SOLD OUT TiLL FALL 2021. We will replace any eggs that arrive broken other then extra free eggs we sometimes include.

This stunning breed is said to lay eggs until the day it dies. Unlike other chicken breeds the quality of the egg or the egg production will not fall. Deathlayers aka Westfalische Totleger is an ancient German breed of chicken.

While this may be a bit of a stretch they are very good layers of medium white eggs. As a chicken the Deathlayer seems to have it all. We do not enter those estimated dates.

We take pride in our products and hope you enjoy them customer service is our. Click here to add your own comments. A translation of its German name Totleger means death layer.

We promise the all eggs will leave the farm fertile and well packaged. We are hatching these eggs weekly on the farm. Offering rare hard to find poultry luxuriously moisturizing goats milk soaps beautiful home decor gifts lotions fertile hatching eggs Oberhasli dairy goats and other fine products.

Click here to return to List Your Bird Here. It is not uncommon for eggs to be shipped the same day they are collected. They were said to lay an egg a day until the day they died.

You would be missing out on hundreds and hundreds of potential eggs if. We begin shipping out Deathlayer hatching eggs in April. Gold Deathlayer chickens were first imported into the US in 2019 from Germany and are rumored to lay eggs until the day they die.

31Deathlayer 1000 5000 Aside from the best name ever this ultra-rare 400-year-old German breed must be one of the most beautiful chickens in existence with shimmering gold hackle and saddle feathers an iridescent scale pattern on the breast solid black eyes and a compact cushion comb.



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Westfalische Totleger Deathlayer

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Deathlayer Hatching Eggs Country Haven Farm Llc

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Westfalische Totleger Deathlayer

Fl Silver And Gold Deathlayer Eggs And Chicks Out Of Mixed Pen Producig Sex Link Gold Female Chcks Fancychickenbreedsfarm

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Westfalische Totleger Deathlayer

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