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1- Azul 1- 24k kelberi 1- mono all around 65-7 inches. Home Kelberi Peacock Bass Yellow Peacock 125-20 inch New World Cichlid.

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Albino Cyrtocara moorii Haplochromis Lake Malawi African Cichlid From 1299.

24k kelberi peacock bass for sale. 24K Kelberi Peacock Bass 24K Kelberi Peacock Bass 13999. This has resulted in their accidental escapees from fish farms or deliberate release by fishers introduction to regions outside their native. Peacock Bass Cichla kelberi CB 5cm 1845 1 Peacock Bass Cichla kelberi CB 10cm 3269 1 Cichlids- SA Astronotus occellatus Bahia Red Tail Oscar CB 6cm 2366 5 Cichlids- SA Dwarf Apistogramma agassizi varGold pair price 3-4cm 3467 5 Цена за гарантированную пару.

You should put a cover on the tank. It can grow up to 18 inches in length. 26peacock bass is a great predator and game fish of the Amazon river basin.

Kelberi yellow peacocks are aggressive fishes and good jumpers. We have cichla golden kelberi peacock bass available for sale. These fishes needs less care and are little aggressive.

Azulxingu hybrid peacock bass 4. Up For Sale are 225 Kelberi Peacock Bass Fish. Originating from the rivers of Southeastern Brazil including.

With distinctive golden coloration and a much smaller adult size than other peacock bass of the genus Cichla the Kelberi is among the most popular of these large predatory cichlids in the aquarium hobby. 3 RARE BUTTERFLY PEACOCK BASS Cichla Ocellari. 3Kelberi Yellow Peacock Bass 2inch.

Geophagus winemilleri 3999 Add to cart. 2 TEMENSIS PEACOCK BASS from AQUATIC RARITIESMALONES MONSTERS. They are suitable tank mates with larger aggressive fish.

Kelberi Peacock Bass have been sporadically available in 2016 and Im glad to have them. The Peacock Bass is a very aggressive eater and can grow to very large sizes in the wild. They reach 14 size and should be kept in large tanks.

Kelberi Peacock bass is originated from Brazil. Buy this fish now online with us and get it delivered to your home at an affordable cost. Lemon Oscar Astronotus ocellatus 125-20 inch New World Cichlid 1899 Sold Out.

Click here for the Peacock Cichlids from Lake Malawi in Africa. 4999 3500 Add to cart. Semi-aggressive Will eats Anythings That fit in His Mouth.

The Golden Bahia Peacock Bass as it matures will develop a pronounced hump on its forehead known as a nuchal hump. I see that 24k look better than what people call Kelberi are these from a different collection point or what. LIVE TROP FISH 14-19 INCHES.

Coast Gem USA Kelberi Peacock Bass Peacock Bass Cichlid For Sale. Peacock bass is fast predators and good jumpers. We do Combined Shipping for multiple fishes at a low LOW price.

Sold Out Add to Cart Proudly powered by Weebly. Cichla Peacock Bass. But some of the stuff you see like gold or gold spider are sale gimmicks.

24 kt Golden kelberi peacock bass 5-6in lengthKelberi peacock is one of the smaller species of peacock bass. Unavailable per item SKU. Jaguar cichlid 4 6999 Add to cart.

They eat pallet food frozen food and bloodworms. Cichla monoculus sometimes known as the tucanare peacock bass peacock bass is also used for some of its relatives is a very large species of cichlid and a prized game fishPeacock bass are important food fish and also considered game fish. PH 60-80 75-85 degrees.

Selling quality live freshwater. The ancestors of this fish lived in Central America or N orthern South America but now they live in aquariums and ponds throughout the world. Feeder freeze Dried Shrimps.

The Kelberi Peacock Bass Cichla kelberi is one of the smaller species of Peacock Bass available within the hobby with a max size of around 18 in length but more commonly only reaching about 10 to 12 in length within the aquarium environment. Albino short body Oscar 12999 Add to cart. The Kelberi Peacock Bass is one of the smallest species in the Cichla family reaching a max size that is usually just around 18 making them a better choic.

Freshwater Saltwater Store. Spider Kelberi Peacock Bass Cichla kelberi spider 6999 9999. Throwback to when I used to have 6 of the very best Kelberi Peacock Bass you can get.

I have found these fish to initially require live foods when I first get them but by the time Ive listed them for sale they will be eating at least something that is non-live. They will eat small fish before you even knew they were in the tank. Nov 13 2015 – Golden Bahia Peacock Bass Cichla Kelberi This species can be found mostly in the Amazon River.

They are best kept with fish of similar size and aggression. What is the deal with the names such as Bahia 24k Gold etc. Hello im selling 3 of my beautiful peacock bass i dont want to let them go but im downgrading.

These are fabulous fish that grow to be huge with interesting markings coloration and intelligent behaviors.

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